Imagine millions of empowered Learners focused on creating and implementing meaningful solutions to local and global Challenges.

The world becomes a better place.

Communities and organizations can use this time to collaborate and focus on specific contextual issues, resulting in deeper and broader investigations into complicated and long term challenges. There are a lot of great Big Ideas to consider and reconsider during this unique time. The following are three Big ideas and a related challenge to start thinking. A range of immediate and long-term contextual challenges can and should be identified in each area.


The disruption of our traditional model of schooling provides a fertile opportunity for rethinking, remixing, and revolutionizing how we prepare lifelong learners for a future full of challenges. This is a watershed opportunity to rethink our traditonal approaches to learning and teaching.



The Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the critical importance of a robust, responsive and sustainable health system. As we wrestle with the day to day challenges of the pandemic,  it also provides an opportunity to think about how we can improve our individual health and health systems.

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As more and more people are sheltering in place and practicing social distancing there is a unique opportunity to explore the role of physical and virtual communites in our lives. The Big Idea of Community provides an opportunity to explore immediate and long term challenges.

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