Taking time to ask questions, thinking outloud, sharing, and having a conversation, changes everything.

As we consider the challenge of creating silver linings, we are having informal conversations with each other and with our friends and colleagues. We will post our uncensored and unpolished smile conversations, as well as other helpful examples we find. If you want to speak with Marco and Mark about your Silver Lining, send us a note using the form at the bottom of the page.

Big Idea: The Coronavirus Pandemic
Challenge: Create Silver Linings!
Guiding Resources: Marco and Mark

Resources and Cool tips

  1. Everyone can make a difference.
  2. Small victories will lead to larger wins.
  3. When addressing large challenges, don’t rush to solutions, take time to ask questions.

BIG IDEA: Online teaching
Challenge: Leverage tools for better student communication
Guiding Resource: Fabiola Torres, Professor of Online learning at Glendale Community College (Los Angeles)

Resources and Cool tips

Big Idea: The future
Challenge: Build personal and organizational frameworks to successfully solve challenges.
Guiding Resources: Marco and Mark

Resources and Cool tips:

  1. Don’t rush, ask questions, get different perspectives.
  2. Focus on process more than product. A good process will provide good results.

Big Idea: Katrina
Challenge: Share lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina
Guiding Resource: Brian Mull, Learning Design Coordinator for Trinity Episcopal School. New Orleans, LA

Resources and Cool Tips:


Big Idea: Accessibility
Challenge: Connect with people who know and can help.
Guiding Resources:
Mark Coppin, Director of Disability Services at North Dakota State University
Madalaine Pugliese, Apps author for Individuals with disabilities

Resources and Cool tips:


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