Nano Challenges

Even in small efforts to create, connect and have fun there is the realization that we can make a difference.

Every effort to create light is a victory.

Nano challenges are quick, fun, and meaningful ways for groups and individuals to connect, explore, and create quick victories. There are alot of existing nano challenges that you can join, or you can create your own.  Here are some nano challenges to get you started. Nano challenges can help you evolve your questioning process by looking at what and how others process and make things.  These are fun and doable daily challenges that will improve your engagement, expand your investigative skills, and get you doing something and sharing it. Make sure you share your process and products using #silverliningchallenge. 


Starting with the Big Idea of Connections, think about small challenges that will allow you to virtually connect yourself and others for fun or to make a difference. 

Reach out and connect!



We all have special talents, resources, stories, and time that we can share during this difficult time. Identify someone or an organization who needs help and share.

Share something!



Now is the time to stretch those creative muscles! Draw, paint, take pictures, sew, etc. There are a lot of opportunities to learn new creative skills as many artists are sharing resources and providing lessons.

Create something!



The music collaborations showing up on social media are heart warming. Virtual choirs, online concerts, singing on the balcony with neighbors, sharing playlists. Think about what you can organize and tap into that wonderfulmusic inside you!

Make and share music!



Nothing brings people together like food. Trade family and favorite recipes, video cook together, compete in a virtual round of chopped, and share your culinary masterpieces.

Break bread together!



Exercise is important for physical and mental health.  This is especially true when quarantined. Get creative, find an online community, identify a program, challenge your friends and family in a healthy virtual competition.




Get out the lego or other building materials and create your masterpiece. Check out some of the building challenges on social media or create your own.

Build something!



Photography challenges have been around for a long time and have taken on new importance while sheltering in place. Join in one of the many photo challenges being shared on scoial media.

Share your photos!



It has never been easier to start a podcast and share your thoughts, ideas, or humor. Think about an audience, explore current podcasts, review resources and tools, and shre your ideas.  

Broadcast yourself!